The Yeard: Ultimate Guide, Trim, Shape, Pictures

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If you have grown a full beard and that’s not enough for you, you may want to consider a Yeard. This beard style is not for the faint of beard and requires some serious dedication to pull it off. It’s truly a huge accomplishment in the life of a beard lover to get through 12 months of beard growth.

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Yeard Beard Meaning

The Yeard as the name would imply is a beard that has been grown out for a full year. The goal is to grow out your facial hair for a year without trimming or shaping it and see how long it gets. This is definitely a beard that separates the men from the boys.

How To Grow A Yeard

Growing a Yeard is a marathon and not a sprint, keep in mind that hair grows at a rate of one half inch per month on average. This can vary and be a bit faster or slower depending on your beard growth genetics. Also keep in mind most peoples beard growth slows Down after about the 6 month point. Read below for our 4 stages of Yeard growth.

Stage 1

The first stage is to get though that first awkward month of beard growth, some peoples beards will come in a bit patchy at first. Also its quite common to have an itchy face at first. The goal at this stage is to tough it out and just let it grow. It can be fun to use a beard comb and beard wax to shape your beard into some unique shapes as it grows. Just don’t trim it at all.

Stage 2

At this next stage you will be around the 3 month mark of growth. At this stage in the Yeard growing process you may start having second thoughts as to weather you want to continue. Don’t let that turn you off and keep trucking along with your Yeard. At this point you can start trimming stray hair away with some beard scissors, also keep in mind you can shave the upper cheeks if you want to keep that area clean.

Stage 3

The next stage in your Yeard growth journey will be at around the 6-9 month point. At this stage your beard should be quite long and be past your chin and neckline. You will definitely be tempted to trim your beard at this point. Some purists think trimming is off limits but we think it’s ok as long as the overall length of the beard is left alone. What really does help is to use beard shampoo and beard oil to keep the beard feeling clean and soft.

Stage 4

The last stage in growing your Yeard is the home stretch. This will typically be from around the 9 month point to the 12 month point. You should notice that your beard is growing slower as it gets longer, this is normal. It can be very helpful in this stage to use a beard brush to brush your beard to get it going the direction you want.

Once you get to the 12 month point it can feel very satisfying especially if you have a nice full Yeard you can be proud of. Your beard should now be around 6 inches long or more. It’s definitely a point that not a lot of men get to for many reasons.

One really cool thing you should do if your going to grow a Yeard is to document the growth every few weeks or so. This can make a great photo montage at the end of the year.

How to Shape a Yeard

Now that you have put in some major work growing you’re yeard you can think about grooming and shaping.  Since you have the length there are many options for shaping your yeard. Most people at this point will not want to shorten the beard for obvious reasons. It can be good to trim and clean up the neckline as well as the upper cheeks.

If your happy with the length of your Yeard and don’t want to keep growing into the realm of the Tweard and Terminal Beard you can follow a basic grooming routine.

  • Use some beard trimmers or beard scissors to keep the overall length in check.
  • Keep you mustache trimmed and clean over the lip.
  • Brush your beard with a Beard Brush and Beard Comb to cut down on tangles.
  • Use Beard Oil to keep your beard soft.

Yeard Styles

Wild Yeard


The most common Yeard style would be the wild style. This is where the Yeard is just left alone completely with no shaping or trimming.

Handlebar Yeard

A very common way to spice up the yeard is to use some beard wax and style a handlebar mustache. There are a lot of options with this and can really change the look of your face. The best part is if you don’t like it you haven’t really permanently changed anything on your beard. The above picture can be considered a Verdi Beard or a Verdi Yeard.

Full Ducktail

Some people have been known to shape a ducktail beard at this point. This can be a great way to get a new style and look with just a bit of shaping. A Ducktail beard should be pretty easy to shape if you have the amount of growth from a yeard.

Celebrities to Wear The Style


Harden Yeard


The most notable person that comes to mind is NBA Basketball player James Harden. Another person that wears the yeard style is reality TV star Calum Best.


The Yeard style is for sure not one for the faint of beard. It takes dedication to grow a beard out for a full year without trimming. That being said this can be the most rewarding style of beard to grow and is a great way to show dedication to your beard. The Yeard style does require care to keep and will require regular use of Beard Shampoo and Beard Oil.

If you want more picture of the Yeard check out this page.

Check out the video below for more help with growing the Yeard.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the Yeard.



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