Verdi Beard

The Verdi Beard: Styles, How to Grow and Maintain

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The Verdi Beard comes from 19th century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. Funnily enough he did not actually sport the style we all know as a Verdi beard today, more on this later. If your looking for a unique way to style your beard a Verdi is a great option.

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What is a Verdi Beard?

The Verdi beard is a full beard ranging from 3-6 inches long paired with a styled mustache. The real key to this look is the mustache. It needs to be distinct from the beard and always styled impeccably with Mustache Wax to fit the traditional definition of the Verdi.

In the traditional style your mustache should be styled like a handlebar mustache. We feel as long as your mustache stands out it can qualify as a Verdi. If that’s not something you can see yourself doing you may want to consider the Garibaldi or another full beard style.

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Verdi Vs. Garibaldi Beard

Giuseppe Verdi

Credit: Giovanni Boldini

I think it’s important here to distinguish between these styles and outline the main differences. The Verdi Beard is of course disguised by the handlebar mustache that is separated from the beard.

With the Garibaldi the mustache is grown out but is brushed into the beard or slightly to the sides and is not overly styled. Giuseppe Verdi himself really had more of a Garibaldi beard, see above photo.

Verdi Beard Styles

There are only really two Verdi Beard styles to mention here for your consideration. One area of debate within the community is how strict the musatche should be.

Some people believe that it should be styled into a handle bar and some think that it can be brushed to the side and lightly styled.

We feel that as long as the mustache is well distinguished from the beard is qualifies as a Verdi. When people look at you their eye should be drawn to the upper lip area.

Short Verdi Beard

Short Verdi

With this style the facial hair is grown out no more than around 4 inches in length. Then of course this is paired with a distinguished mustache that is heavily styled.

Long Verdi Beard

Handlebar Yeard

a long Verdi Beard is one thats more than 4 inches long paired with the same styled mustache. If you want to take it to more extreme levels you can do a Yeard variation on the Verdi as well. This would involve growing your beard out for one year or more.

How to Grow a Verdi Beard

Growing a Verdi just like any Full Beard Style will take some dedication and patience. Don’t let that discourage you though since growing and having a full beard can be fun and rewarding. Keep in mind that facial hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch to one inch every month.

Follow these simple steps to grow your Verdi Beard.

  • First grow your facial hair out to 2-4 inches. This should take between 2-8 months depending on your growth rate.
  • Once you have your length use a beard brush to get the tangles out.
  • With Beard Trimmers trim down the sideburns and fade them into the beard.
  • Round off the bottom of your beard so its nice and neat.
  • Then use Mustache Wax and style your mustache.
  • If you want to completely separate your mustache shave underneath it to get separation.
  • Clean up your neck line and cheek line with trimmers or a regular razor.

How to Maintain a Verdi Beard

This beard style requires you to have a grooming routine to maintain properly.

You will need the following essentials to care for your Verdi Beard.

The main focus of maintaining the Verdi beard is the mustache. It should be styled every morning into your desired style. Weather thats a full handlebar or just waxed and pointed off to he sides.

Also special care should be taken to make sure the bottom of your beard stays rounded and doesn’t go too wild. Use Beard Scissors to trim stray hairs here or your beard trimmers. The Verdi can start to look unkept pretty fast if its not looked after.

We highly recommend using Beard Oil and Beard Shampoo as part of your routine. This will make your beard much softer, cut down on dry skin and you will have much healthier beard hair.

What Face Shape?

Face Shapes

The face shapes that suit this style are very similar to any Full Beard style. Use the image above to determine your face shape and see our recommendations below. In general the Verdi style gives you a rounded shape to the bottom of your face. This will greatly benefit face shapes with a narrow Jawline.

A round or heart shaped face can benefit quite a bit as it can give some bulk to the chin area.

With a triangle or diamond face shape you can soften your jawline a bit by wearing the Verdi Beard.

This beard style can work with many different face shapes as does any full beard style. We recommend just giving it a try to see if it really suits you.

Celebrities to Wear the Style


There are not many notable celebrities that are wearing the Verdi style today. One that does come to mind is UFC fighter Conor McGregor who wore the style for a brief stint.


The Verdi Beard can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. When you walk into a room people will turn their heads and look at your glorious mustache. It’s a lot of fun to wear this style with pride.

Check out the video below for some mustache styles suited for the Verdi.

Also drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the Verdi as well as what mustache you think can be worn with the style.

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