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Top 20 Beard Styles: Find Your Facial Hair Style

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In the past 5 years or so there has been much discussion on whether the beard trend will pass. I think we can say in 2020 the beard is going strong or… growing strong. So we figured we would compile our top 20 beard styles broken down into 3 categories for you. Read on to see our favourite styles.

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Short Beard Styles

A long beard is not what everybody wants or is comfortable having. A short beard can range from light stubble to beards that are a few inches long. Check out our favourite short beard styles.

Light Stubble

Scruff Beard










Also know as a 5 o’clock shadow or scruff this style results from a few days of growth and is the shortest beard you can have. This style has become quite popular in recent years with many men choosing to wear light stubble all the time. To maintain a light stubble use your beard trimmers every few days on a low setting.

Heavy Stubble

Scruffy Beard

The heavy stubble beard is a longer version of the 5 o’clock shadow. This is a style anyone can wear and adds grit to your overall look. This style can range from 1-3 weeks of growth but can vary depending on the person. It’s important in this style to keep the neck and cheek line trimmed and cleaned up.

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Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard

If you’re looking for a beard style thats safe for office work look no further. The corporate beard usually takes around a month to grow and needs to be well trimmed and groomed, as its name suggests it needs to be office friendly. Someone with this style will definitely want to invest in a good beard trimmer.

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Boxed Beard

Short Box Beard

A boxed beard is one that is neatly trimmed and follows the natural growth of hair. It’s then shaped into a box shape at the chin. A taper will have to be done from the sideburns area down to the chin for the medium or long boxed beard. Check out our article on the boxed beard.

This style will need approximately 2-3 months growth time.

Hollywoodian Beard


This style of beard draws attention away from the cheeks and draw attention towards the jawline and chin area. This is a great style for those of us who have trouble growing hair on the cheeks. There are a few different variations of the Hollywoodian, pictured above with sideburns.

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Long Beard Styles

We consider a long beard one that’s four to six inches or more. This type of beard will take at least a 8 months to grow out since hair typically grows at a rate of a half inch per month. It can be worth the wait though because its pretty fun to see yourself in a long beard at least once in your life.

A long beard will require more care to keep it smooth and healthy looking. This will mean washing and brushing as well as using some other products like beard oils and balms, some people also like to straighten their beard using a beard brush and beard straighteners.

Verdi Beard

Long Verdi Beard

This facial hair style is a good example of a full beard that has had some styling done to it. It’s distinguished by a handlebar mustache paired with a three to four inch long beard. This beard style was named after Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi.

The Verdi Beard is defined by the styled handlebar mustache paired with a full beard. Your mustache needs to stand out for it to be considered a Verdi.

To make this style work for you six to eight months of beard growth is going to be necessary. Also you need to factor in the handlebar mustache that could take longer to grow out.

A great pair of Beard Scissors and Mustcahe Wax will be essential for this style.

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Garibaldi Beard

Power Beard

The Garibaldi beard style is meant to be no more than 5 inches long. This beard has a rugged but also polished look seemingly at the same time. This style of beard is defined by the round and dense hair at the chin area. This is then paired with a strong mustache that is grown naturally and brushed to the sides.

Expect to dedicate 4-7 months to grow out the Garibaldi Beard.

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The Yeard Beard style is a beard that is left to grow for a full year, this should result in at lest around a six inch beard. Keep in mind that facial hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2 inch to one inch per month. Maximum dedication will need to be had to grow the Yeard.

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This beard style is the the next step up from the Yeard and this means you need around two years of growth. If you can make it the length of your beard will be around 12 inches long.

Terminal Beards

Terminal Beard

Typically a persons beard will not grow much past 36 inches in length over about a six year span but of course this can differ depending on the person. A Terminal beard is basically the longest you personally can grow your beard. If you’re looking for a goal the Guinness world record is 17.5 feet by a man named Hans Langseth.

Partial Beard Styles

A partial beard can be a great way to change up your look and experiment with your facial hair style. Check out our favourite styles below.

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard has facial hair on the chin that’s generally shaped into a point paired with a mustache that is independent of the beard and can be shaped with Mustache Wax. A soul patch can be included or not depending on the look.

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Mutton Chops

Mutton Chops

This style of partial beard was very popular back in the 19th century. It let people know you had intellect and masculinity. Mutton Chops are long sideburns that come down all the way to the chin area. They can be connected to a mustache or not depending on your preference.  A famous example of Friendly Mutton Chops is Motorhead front man Lemmy Kilmister R.I.P.

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A goatee is a short beard style that can have a mustache or not and is shaped from the corners of the mouth down to your chin. Having a goatee is very versatile since there are so many ways to style and shape them, it can be very thin or also very thick. If you have trouble growing cheek hair or its patchy the goatee is here to save the day.

Pencil Mustache

Pencil Mustache

So the key to pulling off this style is to have darker hair so the mustache really stands out on your face. If dying your mustache is an option than technically that could work as well. If you keep the mustache thicker and trimmed off your upper lip it will look the best.

Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache

This is a heavy hitter in the mustache world, to have a good chevron mustache it needs to be thick and pronounced. Think Tom Selleck on Magnum P.I. A great benefit to this style of mustache is that it doesn’t need much grooming and is meant to look natural.



The Beardstache is basically just a nice full mustache paired with a stubble beard that can range in length. This is a modern style and seems to be quite popular these days and for good reason. There are just so many ways to make it look great.

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Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache

The Handlebar Mustache has often been laughed at in the past but it has definitely made a come back in recent years. Defined as a lengthy mustache with curved extremities this mustache can be achieved by growing out a long mustache and keeping the upper lip trimmed then using Mustache Wax to style the ends how you see fit.

Horseshoe Mustache

Fu Manchu

A Horseshoe Mustache is a full, straight mustache that comes down from the corners of the mouth and extends past the bottom lip. Length can vary, the mustache can extend just below the lower lip or go all the way past the chin and beyond. Not to be confused with the Fu Manchu below.

Fu Manchu Mustache

Braided Fu Manchu

Many people confuse the Fu Manchu with the above Horseshoe style of mustache. In the Fu Manchu style the hair is growing from the side of the mouth and is styled straight downwards. There are many variations of the Fu Manchu.

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Chin Strap Beard

Chin Strap Beard

The chin strap beard style is a great one if you’re looking to bring out your jawline. There are many different variations on this style such as having a mustache with it or not and different thicknesses.

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Whatever beard style you decide on just make sure it makes you happy. There are so many Beard Styles to choose from it can be overwhelming. We recommend trying different styles until you find something your happy with.

Check out this video below if you want some information on what style to choose for your face shape.

Drop a comment below and let us know your favourite style.



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