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The Full Beard:Styles, How to Grow, Maintain, What Face Shape

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If you’re looking to really commit to the beard life why not try a full beard. This style has become quite popular in recent years and every man owes it to himself to try a beard at least once in their life. Rocking a full beard can be a great way to up your manliness game. Some people in recent years have said it’s a trend to have a beard but we believe it’s here to stay. In this article you will learn about full beard styles, how to grow and maintain, what face shape it suits and more.

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What is a Full Beard

A full beard is defined as one that is more that 2 inches in length and covering the whole face. To put this in perspective for you facial hair grows around 1/2 inch to an inch per month. So a full beard should take between 6 and 8 weeks to grow depending on your personal hair growth genetics, age and race.

If you’re thinking of growing a full beard keep in mind it takes patience and resolve, just keep your eye on the prize. We consider it good to dedicate 1-4 months for the growth.

Full Beard Styles

There are many full beard styles and variations but we want to feature 5 here to get you started and hopefully inspire you to grow out a full beard.

Natural Beard

Natural Full Beard

The natural beard style is one that is minimally groomed but in the same way not left to grow completely wild. Grow it for 1-3 months to get optimal length. There should be trimming done to the sideburns to fade into the hairline. Some light trimming to the mustache can be done but it should mostly be left to blend into the beard. At the chin and other areas of the beard trimming can be done to tweak the contour and help it look a bit rounded rather than completely wild.

This is a great style of beard if your looking for something semi-wild and easy to maintain. We would not recommend this style of beard for corporate or office work unless you work in a very progressive place. If your looking for a more work friendly style check out our article on the corporate beard.

This style can actually be a great starting point for the other styles you will read about below. Once you have put in the time to grow the natural full beard you can tweak the style into something else very easily.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi BeardGaribaldi

Named after General Giuseppe Garibaldi a 19th central general and politician. This style is dependant on having volume and a variety of lengths. Its more kept and trimmed than the natural beard above with a more intentional shape.

The main length of the beard is concentrated at the front of the face while the cheeks are kept a bit shorter. The mustache is grown out and blended into the beard or brushed to the sides. The chin area is brushed and trimmed into a round finish and is no more than 5 inches long.

The key to pulling off this full beard style is the shaping and brushing, you want to achieve a round look to the bottom of your facial hair. Also focus on having the sideburns trimmed and tapered into the cheeks then blended into the chin area.

This style is a bit safer for work if its a clean and trimmed example but would still be worth checking before committing to this style.

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Verdi Beard

Verdi Beard

Named again after another Italian Giuseppe Verdi, an opera composer in the 19th century. The Verdi beard is defined by the mustache that sits independent of the rest of the beard. The mustache is also styled into an English mustache or what some people now are calling a hipster mustache.

The Verdi full beard is shorter than the two mentioned above at a maximum 4 inches long. This makes it a bit faster to grow but requires much more styling to keep looking right.

The mustache is separated from the beard and will require daily use of Mustache Wax to hold its shape. It will also require frequent trimming and upkeep. The cheek line is kept neat and trimmed at a straight angle. The length of the cheeks is kept shorter than the chin similar to the Garibaldi style. It’s then tapered into the chin section of your face that should be combed and shaped into a rounded look.

This is a great style to wear if you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, the uniqueness of the mustache section is what sets it off. It will require a lot of upkeep though so we recommend having some good beard trimmers.

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Ducktail Beard

Full Ducktail

Another unique style of full beard is the Ducktail beard. It of course derives its name from its shape and is a beard that requires 4-6 months to grow for a full Ducktail. What sets it apart is the styling of the chin area where its shaped into a ducktail.

The cheeks are kept trimmed and shorter and blended into the chin area. The mustache can be grown out and blended into the beard or brushed to the side. Some people also trim their mustaches with this style so it really depends what looks best on you. the neckline is kept clean and trimmed along the edge of the ducktail line.

This is another great style if your looking to stand out. Not many men can pull off the full ducktail beard, if you can I salute you.

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Full Beard With No Mustache

Beard without Mustache

I wanted to give a mention to this style because some men just don’t like mustaches. I will admit the mustache has come back in the last few year though and I am happy about that.

The full beard with no mustache is just what the name implies, it’s a full beard missing the mustache. Think Abraham Lincoln here.

With this style the upper lip is kept completely shaved and clean and is paired with a full beard. The full beard style can vary in style as long as it fits the definition of a full beard, minus the mustache part. This style is fairly easy to maintain as long as the upper lip is kept clean shaven and the beard trimmed into your desired shape.

I would say as of today this style would stand out from a crowd as most men wear mustaches with their beards. Unless your in Amish country of course.

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How to Grow a Full Beard

To grow a full beard is a commitment and is also a fun and sometimes itchy process. Be ready to dedicate 1-4 months to grow out a full beard. I give this range because the time can depend greatly on the style you choose to grow and your individual hair growth rate. As mentioned above facial hair usually grows at a rate of 1/2 inch to 1 inch a month.

If you haven’t chosen a style thats ok too. Just grow out your beard and see where it takes you on the journey. You might notice that certain areas of your facial hair grow faster or come in thicker that others. This can help influence the style you choose to trim in.

After about 6 weeks or so you will notice you beard starting to take shape. If you want to tidy up your neck and cheek line at this stage fell free to do so. Also pay attention to your sideburns and trim them according to your hairstyle.

How to Trim a Full Beard

Once you have adequate length grown out you can think about trimming and styling your beard. Make sure to have some good beard trimmers for this task. Check out our top ten here. We also recommend having some beard scissors, beard brush, and a beard comb as well as a regular razor. All essential tools to groom, style and maintain any style beard.

Here are a few easy steps to follow to style and trim your beard.

  • First wash your beard with beard shampoo and dry your beard. Don’t trim while wet.
  • You can then brush out your beard to get out tangles.
  • Then take your trimmers and trim where you need to remove hair, use guards where you need to get the correct length.
  • Clean up the neckline and cheek line to fit your chosen style.
  • Brush your beard again into your desired shape.
  • Then remove stray hairs with some beard scissors or your trimmers.

If you decide you want to keep on going and growing more length you can always try a Yeard.

How to Maintain a Full Beard

To maintain your full beard you want to be mindful of keeping the shape and style you chose. Its easy to get a bit lazy and your full beard can easily turn into a natural wild beard.

We would recommend investing in some basic items like beard oil to keep your full beard soft and moisturized. We also really recommend having a beard brush, beard comb and using beard shampoo rather than regular shampoo on your beard. Also having beard trimmers is essential in our view to keep a beard maintained and looking sharp.

Some of the styles mentioned above require more daily attention like the Verdi beard and some like the natural beard will require less. Whatever style you choose try to get into a routine you can keep up with to maintain your beard. Just get in the habit of it and pick a time of day that works best for you.

What Face Shape Suits the Full Beard

Face Shapes

The first thing you want to do is figure out what face shape you have, you can reference the photo above. The great thing about a full beard is it can suit a wide range of face shapes so if you’re in doubt just let the beard grow and see if you like it. A full beard can really level the playing field when it comes to face shapes. There are however a few face shapes that can greatly benefit from a full beard.

A round face can benefit quite a bit as it can make the face more angled and define the jawline. You will want to trim your beard into a box shape and keep it maintained.

If you have an oblong face you can use a full beard to help hide the length of your face. This can be achieved by making the face look wider with your beard.

If you have a heart shaped face you can use a full beard to make you face look more angular. A full beard can do wonders for your jawline and can really transform your face.

With a triangle face shape you can get the opposite effect as the heart shaped face. A full beard can soften your jawline a bit and you can style the beard to emphasize your cheek bones.

Celebrities to Wear the Style


There have been many celebrities that have worn a full beard, too many to mention really. A few that come to mind are Jim Carry, Jared Leto and UFC fighter Conner Mcgregor.


A full beard can be a lot of fun to grow. It can really transform your look and change the shape of your face completely. Don’t be intimidated if you have never grown out a full beard before. What makes it fun is the journey to see how your facial hair will grow.

If you’re looking for more facial style options check out this article from Gillette as well as our article on our top beard styles. Also check out the video below for more info on growing a full beard.

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