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The Stubble Beard: How to Grow and Maintain, Styles

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In recent years the stubble beard has become very stylish and in vogue. This hasn’t always been the case though. In years past having a stubble look might be a sign of not having proper grooming habits. Things have definitely changed and this beard style is now worn by men in all professions, from office workers to celebrities. In our guide you will learn everything you need to know about the stubble beard. From Different styles, to grooming and maintenance we have you covered.

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What is a Stubble Beard?

A stubble beard is a beard that has a length between a 5 O’clock shadow and around 3-5mm in length. The look started to become popular in the 1980’s with people like George Michael sporting the look and film stars like Clint Eastwood having the rugged on screen look in some of his movies.

During this time and into the 90’s and early 00’s the look would still have not been considered appropriate for office work. The style was used heavily in film to make the anti hero look rugged and masculine and I feel it was just a matter of time until the look became mainstream. Fast forward to today and the stubble beard is very popular and acceptable in the office. Men from all walks of life are wearing the stubble beard from 9-5 office workers to athletes and everyone in between.

The stubble style is quite easy to maintain as you will learn below, all you really need are some good beard trimmers.

Stubble Beard Styles

There are a few different stubble beard styles we want to mention here for you to consider. They vary in length from one day of growth to around 1 week of growth. So ranging from a 5 O’clock shadow to around 5mm in length. Keep in mind that peoples facial hair can grow at different rates so of course do what works for you.

5 O’clock Shadow

5 O'clock Shadow

This style is pretty self explanatory, it is achieved by letting your beard grow for 24 -48 hours. You should end up with a very light stubble beard that is around 1-2mm long. You can maintain this look with your beard trimmer usually set to the lowest guard setting such as a 1 or 2mm.

Light Stubble Beard

Light Stubble Beard

With this style your stubble beard length will be between a 5 O’clock shadow and about 2 or 3mm in length. This style should take around 4 days to grow out and can be easily maintained with your beard trimmer.

Heavy Stubble Beard

Heavy Stubble Beard

We consider the heavy stubble beard to have a length of between 3mm and 5mm. This would represent around 4-7 days of growth and is at the upper limit length wise of the stubble beard family. This style is also very easy to maintain with your beard trimmer.

Partial Stubble Styles

Beardstache stubble

There are so many different options when it comes to growing facial hair its really hard to choose what to go with. a lot of men like to mix it up and wear a partial stubble style beard. This could be a number of things such as a beardstache with stubble, stubble mutton chops, or a stubble beard without mustache. This makes way for so many options to try out. The good thing with the stubble beard length is that it’s fast to grow so if you don’t like what you have going on just shave it and start over.

How to Grow a Stubble Beard

The stubble beard is a style that’s pretty easy to grow just don’t shave for 1-7 days depending on your desired length and you are good to start trimming and shaping. If your wanting to try one of the partial stubble styles you can keep any areas shaved clean according to your style of choice. Keep your face clean and as your beard grows you can use some beard oil to keep the hair soft and cut down on irritation of your face.

How to Maintain Stubble

The key to maintaining stubble of any length are good beard trimmers. It’s really an essential tool to have especially for maintaining this short beard style. Also we recommend using beard oil as it will keep your beard hair soft and will significantly reduce irritation on your face. You’re stubble will need to be trimmed every 4 days maximum to keep it looking clean and not just an accidental type of look. This of course depends a bit on your style, for instance if you want to maintain a short 5 O’clock stubble style you will have to trim and clean up more. Here are a few tips for maintaining your stubble beard.

  • Start with a longer guard on your beard trimmer and work your way to the desired length.
  • Keep in mind if you have a lighter hair colour your stubble may need to be longer to stand out.
  • Try fading your stubble beard neck line with different guards if you want a gradual look.
  • Use a good quality razor to clean up your stubble beard neck line if you want a clean line.
  • Make sure and clean and dry your face good before trimming.
  • Keep your cheeks clean shaven and have intentional lines to show the look is not an accident.

What Face Shape?

Face Shapes

You may be wondering if your face shape will suited for stubble. First reference the pic above and figure out what face shape you have. If you have a heart shaped face you can benefit a lot from trying the stubble style. It can help give you a more mature look while reducing some baby face features.

Another face shape the can benefit greatly from having some stubble is an oblong face shape. This can give some emphasis to the jawline. With an oval shaped face you can try a light or heavy stubble beard. Try to trim it with more angles to achieve a more square look to your face. If you have a square shaped face we would recommend light stubble so you can enhance your features without going too far.

If you have a diamond face shape you may struggle a bit to wear stubble. It can exaggerate the angular facial features and look pretty unkept. With a round face stubble won’t help much and will just add to the round look. If you grow a heavy stubble beard this may help square off the face a bit if you shape it. If you have a diamond shaped face you may risk making the angles of your face look too pronounced.

No matter what your face shapes we would recommend just trying it out. If you don’t like it the stubble style grows so fast its no big deal to just shave it or experiment with different styles before you find what works for you.

Celebrities to Wear the Style


There are of course a number of notable celebrities to wear the stubble style. A few that come to mind are John Hamm, Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Bradley Cooper. There are so many more though since this style is so popular right now.

If your looking for a beard style that’s easy to grow and maintain, that’s also very popular you should consider growing a stubble beard. Its hard to go wrong with this style and is generally accepted in the office world as long as its kept clean looking.

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