Giuseppe Garibaldi

The Garibaldi Beard: How to Grow, Maintain, Vs Bandholz

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The Garibaldi Beard gets its name from 19th century Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi. He was a very well known public figure and fought to unify Italy.  This beard style can really make you look distinguished and manly and is quite unique. If you have the commit level to grow this amazing style we salute you.

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What is a Garibaldi Beard?

Garibaldi Beard

The Garibaldi style is distinguished by the round and dense hair at the chin area. As a result the beard will appear shorter than some other full beard styles. Don’t let that fool you though this beard will take just as long to grow as other full beards. The hair at the bottom of the chin is meant to be no longer than 5 inches long.

The mustache should be grown naturally and brushed off to the sides. This is the main difference between the Garibaldi style and the Verdi Beard.  The sideburn area should taper down to the jawline and grow naturally from there into the chin and jawline.

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Garibaldi Vs. Bandholz


Eric Bandholz

The Bandholz beard is named after Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz. The main difference between the Bandholz and the Garibaldi is that it’s left to grow more freely. With a Garibaldi there is a length limit of 5 inches and the chin area is always kept trimmed tidy and round.

With the Bandholz beard the hair can be grown as long as you desire and be trimmed very sparingly. The style should still be trimmed to keep the length in check and overall shape. The sideburns can be trimmed down and tapered into the rest of the beard. The mustache should be grown naturally and brushed down and to the sides.

If you want to grow the Bandholz style be ready to commit to 6 months of growth to get good length and fullness.

Garibaldi Vs. Verdi




There is always some debate about the differences between these styles. Mainly because Giuseppe Verdi was wearing what looked more like a Garibaldi beard. See pictures of both men above. What has been widely accepted today is the difference in the mustache area. With a Verdi Beard  the musatche must be heavily styled and shaped. The mustahce should stand out from the face. With the Garibaldi the mustache is left to grow more natural and is just brushed off to the sides.

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How to Grow a Garibaldi Beard

A good Garibaldi beard should take between 4-7 months to grow out depending on the length you choose and your genetics. Keep in mind that facial hair typically grows at a rate of 1/2 in to 1 inch per month so be patient. As mentioned above the Garibaldi has a limit to 5 inches in length but you can choose to grow it a bit shorter if you like.

Follow these steps to grow the Garibaldi beard.

  • First grow out your beard for 4-7 months or until you have a full beard with good volume
  • Grow your mustache along with the beard but don’t let it grow longer than your beard. Therefore, keep it groomed.
  • Next, once you are happy with length and volume brush your beard to get rid of tangles.
  • Then with Beard trimmers shape the bottom into a round shape.
  • Next, trim and taper the sideburns and cheeks into the bottom part of the beard.
  • At this point you can brush your mustache and trim if needed.
  • Lastly use a regular razor and clean up your neck line and upper cheeks.

How to Maintain a Garibaldi Beard

Overall once you have grown out the Garibaldi maintaining it is pretty easy. You will need these essential tools for maintaining this style as well as any beard style.

The main thing you want to be mindful of when maintaining your Garibaldi is to not let the rounded chin grow wild. Keep it nice and round and clean looking with your beard trimmers and beard scissors.

The next thing to look at is the mustache. Above all it should fit with the Garibaldi and your personal style. Therefore, it will require occasional trimming.

After you take care of these things make sure you trim your sideburns and cheek area down and make sure it stays tapered with the chin and jawline. If you don’t do this your beard can start to look wild and bushy.

Then of course clean up the upper cheeks and neck area if needed to keep a clean look.

What Face Shape?

Face Shapes

The good thing about any of the full beard styles is they work well with a number of face shapes. This is of course true for the Garibaldi Beard. Reference our picture above and determine your face shape. See our recommendations below as some face shapes can benefit more than others.

With a round or heart shaped face you can benefit from a Garibaldi. The style will add some much needed bulk to your chin area.

If you have a diamond of triangle shaped face you can soften your lines with a Garibaldi or any full beard.

This beard style as with any full beard can really work well with all face shapes. We recommend not letting your face shape hold you back from trying the Garibaldi.

Celebrities to Wear the Style


Not many celebrities are wearing the Garibaldi style these days. However, one person that does comes to mind is Jim Carrey. As you can see It fit the description of a Garibaldi at its maximum length.


In conclusion, the Garibaldi Beard is a fun style to wear. If you have the commitment to grow out a full beard it’s worth styling it into a Garibaldi to try it. You will look distinguished, manly and unique.

Drop a comment below to let us know what you think of the Garibaldi Beard.

Check out the video below for some suggestions on how to wear your mustache with the Garibaldi Beard.

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