Ducktail Beard

Ducktail Beard: How to Grow, Trim, What Face Shape?

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The Ducktail beard derives its name from its shape as you might imagine. If you’re thinking of changing things up with your facial hair a Ducktail Beard can be a good option. This style can look clean cut but also give you a unique and slightly rebellious look at the same time. When trimmed correctly this beard style will elongate the bottom of your face and extend the jawline.

In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about the ducktail beard. From what face shape it suits, grooming and shaping, different styles and even celebrities that have worn the style.

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What is a Ducktail Beard

A Ducktail Beard is defined by the chin section of your face. This will be shaped into a point that extends your jawline and chin and will of course resemble a ducks tail. Typically the cheeks and rest of the face are kept quite short with the mustache blending into the cheeks at the same length. This will bring out the pointed shape on your chin. This style is also quite popular to be worn as a goatee and the same principles apply. The only difference is you would have the rest of your face shaved.

There can be some confusion between pointed beards and ducktail beards. With a pointed beard you’re just grooming your beard to a point at the chin, ducktail beards are also groomed under your chin to point upwards. Again, much like a ducks tail.

What Face Shape Suits a Ducktail Beard

Mens Face Shapes

The ducktail beard has been know to look the best with the following face shapes. Diamond, round, and triangular. With the diamond shape a ducktail beard can highlight the angles of the face. A round face can benefit from this beard style by extending the face below the chin and shaping the jaw into an oval shape. With the triangle face shape wearing a ducktail beard can narrow the jawline and help balance out the forehead.

If you have a heart shaped face or a square shaped face a ducktail beard may not be ideal. Square shaped faces may have trouble blending their strong cheek and jawline into the ducktail beard’s point. If you have a heart shaped face the narrow chin and wide forehead will be more emphasized by the ducktail beards point.

If you have an oblong face shape we would not recommend wearing the ducktail style. It will elongate your face further with the point in the ducktail.

Ducktail Beard Styles

I want to highlight a few of our favourite ducktail beard styles here so you can decide witch one may suit you.

The Full Ducktail Beard

Full Ducktail

This is the traditional style of ducktail beard. If you want to sport this style you have to have good even hair growth all over the face, including the cheeks. The facial hair is meticulously shaped and maintained in this style of beard. Also a cool variation on this style is if you do a fade from the upper jaw dow towards the chin.

The Goatee Ducktail

goatee ducktail

As the name implies the style of ducktail beard is not really a beard. In this style you just have a goatee shaped into a ducktail. This is a great style for people who don’t have great cheek hair growth or don’t want a full beard.

The Hollywood Ducktail

Holywood Ducktail


Another good style for people that have trouble growing hair on the cheeks. The Hollywood ducktail has facial hair concentrated on the lower jawline with the cheeks shaven clean. Then the chin comes to the traditional ducktail point.

How to Grow a Ducktail Beard

The first and most important step to grow a ducktail beard is to just grow a beard. Facial hair typically grows about a half inch every month so you need to dedicate enough time for your desired style. Don’t get frustrated initially and try to be patient.  It will take around 4-6 months to get the kind of length you will need to pull off the full ducktail beard.

While the growing process is happening you can keep your cheeks and mustache trimmed so it doesn’t grow too wild. Since you need the length at the chin area this can be a way to keep your beard looking a bit cleaner during the growing process.

Ducktail Beard Trimming

Now that you have grown your beard long enough to have the length to work with its time to trim and shape the beard. It’s recommended to have some good beard trimmers, a beard comb, beard scissors and some beard oil. Follow these steps below for a seamless process.

Step 1: Preparation

First you want to decide on the ducktail style you want to wear. Once you have decided its good to take your beard brush and brush out your beard so you know exactly what length you’re working with as well as releasing any tangles in your beard.  At least 2 inches at the chin will be necessary for the ducktail style.

Step 2: Clean Up

For this process you can start with your beard trimmers and do a final clean up with a regular razor. There are three areas that will need some clean up. You’re Neckline, Cheeks and the mustache area.

When it comes to your neckline you need to be careful how far up you shave. What you want to avoid is looking like you have a neck beard but also be careful not to shave too high towards the jawline as it could look out of proportion. Typically with the ducktail style its shaved clean to around the Adams apple.

There are a few options when it comes to the cheeks. Typically people keep this area quite short and trimmed in a even fashion. That being said there is the option to do more of a fade. So you can fade it from very short almost stubble to a bit longer at the lower jawline. If you’re rocking the Hollywood ducktail just shave your cheeks clean, same with the goatee style.

Most mustache styles can work well with the ducktail beard as long as they are kept trimmed and neat looking. The goal is to have the mustache compliment the style of ducktail. Just trim and make sure the mustache looks clean to start. You can always experiment with your mustache style later on.

Step 3: Shaping

Now for the fun part, time to shape that ducktail point. It helps to have a few photos on hand of the style to reference while you’re doing this to keep you on track.

First you want to use your beard brush and brush the hair from under the chin towards the point, then do the same for each side of your face. Just brush the hair towards the point in your beard.

Next start shaping the point with trimmers or beard scissors taking off only a bit at a time. Trim in a downward motion going towards the point. My best tip is to go slow and take your time with this part so you don’t trim something you will need. Also how fine the point is up to you, it can be a bit rounded or squared off and can look great. I recommend again to reference some pictures of your favourite style.

Here is a link to some ducktail pictures.

Step 4: Maintenance

Once you have your new ducktail beard all styled and are wearing it like a boss all you need to do is maintain the style. Just keep a close eye on it and keep the point trimmed and looking nice and sharp. Depending on your style use a regular razor and keep areas that are meant to be clean shaven nice and clean.

Use a good beard shampoo and some beard oil to keep your beard clean and moisturized. This can make a huge difference in how you feel about your beard. Also make sure and use your beard comb and comb it into the shape, comb downwards towards the point of the ducktail.

Celebrities to Have Worn the Ducktail Beard

If you’re still on the fence about sporting this style of beard check out these celebrities who have pulled off the style very well.

Overall we think the ducktail beard style is one that looks strong and mature. While not the most popular style its definitely here to stay. We love how it can look very unique and very mature at the same time. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of this beard style.

Check out this video for some more trimming and shaping advice.

Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the ducktail beard style.


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