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The Corporate Beard: How to Grow, Trim, Examples

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In the past for the most part companies would ban beards from their work “approved” looks. This has thankfully changed and now those of us who love to wear a beard can do so at work even if you work in a corporate environment.

That being said most companies in the white collar world won’t tolerate a wild beard. They will allow a more clean looking beard that’s well maintained and this is what we are referring to when we say corporate beard. In this article you will learn all you need to know about the corporate beard. From what length to how to grow and maintain the style.

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Corporate Beard Length

The corporate beard is usually a beard style that is kept quite short. Basically it needs to be a length that can be easily maintained and look clean. This usually falls between a half inch to an inch. This can differ for every individual and what we recommend doing is choosing a length that you can easily maintain with your beard trimmers every day or two maximum.

Corporate Beard Styles

Thankfully there are many different styles of beard that can be worn in the corporate or business world. What we want to do here is just go over a few of the more popular options.

Traditional Corporate Beard

Corporate Beard

The traditional style is a full beard that’s no more than an inch in length. This style features a clean trimmed neckline and cheeks and is never left to grow wild. Think trimmed every day clean.

Bald Man Corporate Beard

Bald Corporate Beard

Let’s face it we don’t all have the kind of hair growth we want anymore. A popular style these days in the corporate world is to rock the shaved head with beard look.

To pull off this look your head should be clean shaven and always kept nice and shiny. Then you pair that with a corporate beard that can vary in length but should of course be clean. Some people have no sideburns and rock a Hollywoodian, whatever works for you.

Stubble Corporate Beard

Heavy Stubble Beard

With this style you should have a clean stubble beard that is always well maintained. The cheeks and neckline should always be clean shaven and sharp.

Partial Corporate Beard

Partial Corporate Beard

There are also many partial beard styles that can be worn clean and be safe for the corporate world. We of course don’t recommend styles like mutton chops, or the chin strap.¬†Styles like a simple goatee or a beard without mustache can work just fine.

How to Grow a Corporate Beard

The approach to grow this beard style is a bit different to growing other beards. The key is to keep it maintained while your growing it out so you don’t look scruffy at your corporate job. We would recommend starting to grow it on a weekend or better yet a vacation week.

If you’re using the weekend approach, just grow your beard from Friday morning to Sunday evening then on Sunday evening clean it up. Thats a good way to get started with 3 days of growth, you will have a stubble beard and can keep growing it from there to your desired length. What you want to do Sunday evening is shave in your style with beard trimmers and use a regular razor to clean shave any areas that are meant to be bare according to your style.

Your beard may take up to 6 weeks to grow to full length so keep up a good maintenance routine while it grows out to keep it looking good.

How to Trim a Corporate Beard

Once you have chosen your style and have grown your beard to the desired length its time to maintain your beard. It’s really important to have some good beard trimmers to maintain this style.

Your going to want to trim your beard every day or two days max to keep it looking very clean. Pay special attention to your neckline and cheeks to keep the lines straight and symmetrical.

We also recommend using beard oil to keep your beard soft and healthy looking. Be careful to trim any straggling hairs. If you find your getting too many we would recommend going with a shorter length for your beard.

What Face Shape?

Face Shapes

Many face shapes can work for this beard style. The triangle, diamond, heart and oval face shapes seem to work the best with the traditional corporate beard. There are so many partial corporate beard styles to try it can work with a wide range of face shapes.

CEO’s With Beards

There are many big time CEO’s in the corprorate world to reference that wear beards. The late Steve Jobs was know to wear mostly a stubble beard later in life. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is known to wear a partial corporate beard in the form of a goatee. Google co founder Sergey Brin is also known to wear a beard, usually a stubble beard. There are also many others to mention such as Larry Ellison from Oracle, Marc Benioff of Salesforce and Richard Branson from Virgin.


The ¬†corporate beard can be a great option for the man that likes to wear a beard but needs to adhere to a grooming policy at work. You really can’t go wrong with the corporate beard style as long as its kept clean and trimmed. The most common mistake we see is people not maintaining their corporate beards. It’s imperative that you use beard trimmers and keep it maintained every day or two maximum.

Check out this great article by GQ about beards in business. Also check out the video below about facial hair in a job interview. Lots of great information to be had.

Drop a comment below and let us know what style of beard you wear at work, especially if your in the corporate world we would love to know what works for you.

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