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Chin Strap Beard Styles for Men- 10 Best 2020

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So you don’t want a full beard? The Chin Strap Beard is a great style if you’re looking to show some personality and not be too out there. The Chin Strap Beard has been around since the 18th century and has stood the test of time. Be prepared to spend some time on grooming and maintaining this look as its quite high maintenance.

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What is a Chin Strap Beard?

Traditionally defined as a thin strip of facial hair that runs along the edges of the face and jawline. Some people like to pair this style with a mustache but experts would say that’s not a true chin strap beard. I say have fun with it and there are so many styles to choose from its easy to find one that suits you.

Chin Strap Beard Styles

Check out our top 10 Chin Strap Beard styles for your consideration.

1. Thin Chin Strap Beard

Thin Chin Strap   Credit

This style is the very traditional take on the chin strap. All you have is a very thin strip of hair around the jawline. If you want to define your jawline this is a great style to consider however it’s a high maintenance style. If you have a nice beard trimmer it should be no problem to initially cut it then maintain afterwards.

2. Isolated Chin Strap Beard

Isolated Chin Strap

Also a very traditional style of chin strap. This version of the style is a little thicker than the above style but still just has one strip of hair that follows the jawline. This can work well for many face shapes but seems to look best on men with a diamond or square shaped face.

3. Chin Strap Beard With Goatee

Chin Strap With Goatee

This style is probably the most versatile. There are so many different goatee styles to choose from it makes the possibilities almost endless. Just pair your favourite style of goatee such as a Van Dyke with any type of chin strap. The chin strap can be thick or thin it really depends what will compliment the chosen goatee style. You can either keep the length of the chin strap and goatee the same or have the chin strap thinner than the goatee. I wouldn’t recommend doing that the other way around as that could look a bit off.

4. Subtle Chin Strap

Subtle Chin Strap

This style is perfect if you want a chin strap beard that’s a bit easier to maintain. In the subtle look the chin strap is more loosely defined but still clearly goes around the bottom of the face and jawline. This is definitely a more natural type of look that’s more forgiving if you have some stubble. It can be worn with a mustache or not.

5. Chin Strap with Mustache

Chin Strap with MustacheChin Strap With Mustache

As the name implies this style pairs a mustache with your chin strap. There are a few variations on this style to note. The beardstache style is where your mustache would be longer than the chin strap hair. This variation has more loosely defined edges and of course a longer mustache. Then you can have a cleaner look where your mustache is the same length or thinner than the chin strap. In this variation the chin strap and mustache and trimmed pretty tight.

6. Flashy Mustache with Chin Strap Beard

Flashy Mustache Credit

If your looking to make more of a statement why not pair a chin strap beard with a flashy or imperial mustache. In this style the mustache is the focal point and what will stand out. Just pair you’re mustache with a chin strap to complete the look. Almost any variant of chin strap beard can be used in this style and will balance out the flashy look of the mustache.

7. Long Chin Strap Beard

Long Chin Strap Beard

If you’re someone who can grown facial hair fast and wants something a bit easier to maintain you should consider this style. The chin strap in this style is still following the jawline but it has quite a bit more growth and can really range in length. You can let it grow longer then trim it back so its easy to maintain, just keep your cheeks and neck clean. This style can be worn with or with out a mustache depending on your preference.

8. Scruffy Chin Strap Beard

scruffy Strap

This style is really similar to the above long chin strap style. The one key difference is that it’s left to grow a bit more wild and is not trimmed very often. This style is easy to maintain as long as the cheeks and neck are kept clean. If you let it grow longer this can turn into a chin curtain style. It can be worn with our without a mustache.

9. Defined Chin Strap Beard

Defined Strap

If you have good even facial hair growth this style may be for you. In this style you almost have a full beard with the cheeks and neck shaved of course. Everything else is there and the chin strap is connected to the mustache and goatee. This look has a nice flow to it and is high maintenance if you want it to look good.

10. Prominent Chin Strap with Discreet Mustache

Discreet Mustache

If your undecided whether to be wearing a mustache with your chin strap or not this can be the style for you. Just shape your chin strap in your preferred style and grow a thin mustache with it. You can keep your mustache length very short. This can work great if you want to have a fade on your chin strap let’s say starting short at the ears and fading into a longer chin strap at the bottom.

How to Shape and Maintain the Chin Strap Beard

Now that you have chosen your style of chin strap beard it’s time to go for it and make it happen. Follow these easy steps below for a guide on how to shape your chin strap.

Step 1:

Grow your hair out to a consistent length of about one inch but of course this depends on what style of chin strap beard you have chosen. They can of course range from pencil thin to thick such as the long chin strap beard.

Step 2:

Once you feel like you have enough length on your beard you can now use some beard trimmers and trim your beard to the desired length based on the style you chose. Usually you would use between a # 1-4 trimmer attachment.

Step 3:

Now its time to define the shape of your chin strap. You can now remove the attachment from your beard trimmer and start shaping making sure to stay symmetrical from side to side. Be careful not to trim off something  that’s part of your desired look.

Step 4:

The next step is to clean shave the rest of your face to sharpen the look of your new chin strap beard. This will give it a clean refined look. Be careful when you apply your shaving gel not to cover up the main shape of the chin strap so you don’t accidentally shave it off. Focus on getting the lines on your beard nice and clean.

Step 5:

Congratulations you’re now in the chin strap club. All you have to do now is maintain the look with regular trimming and clean up. We recommend trimming and shaving at minimum every couple of days, some people will do this every day if they are going for a really crisp style. This style doesn’t really look good when it starts to grow out and get sloppy.

Celebrities That Wear the Chin Strap Beard


There are actually a number of notable celebrities that wear the chin strap beard style. They range from F1 racing’s Lewis Hamilton,NBA star Lebron James and retired baseball legend David Ortiz. Also Drake and 50 Cent have been know to sport this style.

What face Shape is Best Suited for a Chin Strap Beard

A chin strap beard can work with many different face shapes but there are a few things to consider. If you have a sharp, thin or angular shaped face you should have no problem having a thin chin strap. What you want to watch out for is if your face is more round or oval shaped. In this case if the chin strap is too thin it can make your face look fat. So if this is you maybe consider a thicker version of the style. Another thing to consider is if you have a double chin it may make it look more pronounced.

While the chin strap beard may not be for every man there is definitely a place for it. It can look great on some people and really bring out the jawline. Just make sure and be prepared to maintain the style to keep it looking fresh. Also its aways a good idea to keep your beard healthy with some beard balms and beard oils.

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Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the Chin Strap Beard.

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