The Boxed Beard: Styles, How to Grow and Maintain

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The boxed beard is a great beard style for the man who likes a full beard but doesn’t want to commit. This is also a great style for someone who has a bit of trouble growing hair on the cheeks and doesn’t want a patchy beard look. Thus making it a great alternative to the full beard.

In this article you will learn everything about the boxed beard from what styles, what face shape, how to grow, maintain and much more.

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What is a Boxed Beard?

A boxed beard is one that is neatly trimmed and follows the natural growth of hair. It’s then shaped into a box shape at the chin. This style always has a neatly trimmed neckline right up to the jawline on the sides and a bit lower below the chin. This style also always has a neat and trimmed cheek line. The boxed beard is a perfect alternative to having a full beard and is safe for the corporate workplace if kept trimmed and clean.

Boxed Beard Styles

There is not much variance in the boxed beard except for the length and your cheek line. I want to highlight the most common types of boxed beards here to give you examples to work from.

With all the styles below you can have a high or low cheek line. This will depend on your preference and your hair growth.

Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard

This style is only about one inch long at the maximum. The neckline should be trimmed up to the jawline and the cheek line kept clean. How much of your cheeks are clean shaven depends on your personal beard growth and your preference.

If you grow really patchy on the cheeks you can shave that clean for a low cheek line to have a thick chin strap on your jawline. This style is safe for the workplace and can fit the description of a corporate beard.

Medium Boxed Beard

Medium Box Beard

The medium boxed beard is very similar to the short style except the chin is grown out a bit longer to around 2 inches maximum. The chin hair is then shaped into a box style. As with the short boxed beard the jawline is kept trimmed and clean as well as the cheek line.

Long Boxed Beard

Long Boxed Beard


This style is again very similar in principle to the others but you have a lot more length to the chin hair. The chin hair can be quite long as long as it’s shaped and trimmed into a box. This style would not be very well suited for a corporate workplace. Very well suited for Sparta though.

Boxed Beard with Bald Head

Boxed Beard Bald


This beard style can look great paired with a clean shaven head. If you’re a man that is bald you must consider this style to pair with it. You can pair a bald head with any of the styles above depending on your style, profession, ect. This style can really bring out your jawline and define the shape of your face paired with a shaved head.

How to Grow a Boxed Beard

The first step is to choose your ideal style and also think about whether you want a high or low cheek line. Then start growing your facial hair for 2 to 4 weeks or until you have good coverage.

Once you have adequate growth you can use your beard trimmers and trim your jawline and cheek line as well as use a guard and trim your beard to the desired length. If you’re growing a medium or long boxed beard at this stage you can trim everywhere but your chin. Then let the chin hair grow out while periodically trimming the stray hairs away and keeping it in a box shape.

How to Maintain a Boxed Beard

We recommend having a good beard trimmer for maintaining this and any beard style as well as a few essentials like beard balm, beard oil, beard scissors and a beard brush. Also a good razor is essential to maintaining any beard style.

Check out our reviews to help make a choice if you’re in the market for the tools mentioned above.

There are a few basic steps to maintaining this beard style.

  • Trim your cheek line according to the style you chose, high or low.
  • Trim your jawline and clean shave the rest of your neck. Make sure not to trim too close to your chin or risk showing a double chin.
  • Use your beard trimmers with a guard to get your desired length.
  • Use a detail trimmer or razor to clean up your soul patch area.
  • Trim your mustache and clean up the box shape of your chin area with trimmers or beard scissors.

The boxed beard can be a bit high maintenance, especially if you’re working in the corporate world and need to keep your beard very neat. If this is the case we recommend going through the maintenance routine every couple of days. Some men will need to shave every day to keep a neat and clean look. If this is the case you can focus on keeping the cheek line and jawline/neck areas clean.

What Face Shape?

Face Shapes

I am sure you’re wondering if a boxed beard will fit your face shape and suit you or not. First use the reference above to figure out what face shape you have.

There are a few face shapes that will suit this style more than others. If you have a round face you can benefit from a boxed beard making your face more square shaped. With a triangle face shape you can use a boxed beard to bring your jawline up higher using the high cheek line style. With a heart shaped face you can use the cheek line to help the weak chin and jawline.

There are a few face shapes that don’t suit the boxed beard style as well. If you have a square face you may want to opt for a more full beard unless you really want to bring out the square shape of your face. A similar effect can occur with diamond shaped faces where the boxed style brings out the sharp lines too much.

As with all the beard styles we recommend trying it to really see if it works for you.

Celebrities to Wear the Style

There are a number of notable celebrities that wear the boxed beard style. A few that come to mind are George Clooney, George Lucas, Chris Pine, and Jake Gylenhall. Of course we have to mention the Leonidas character played by Gerard Butler from the movie 300 as the perfect example of the long boxed beard.



Overall the boxed beard is a very versatile style and can be suitable for corporate work as well as grown more wild and artistic. Expect high maintenance if you’re wearing this style and working in a business environment.

Check out this article from Gillette on shaving in the boxed beard. Also check out this great video tutorial on trimming.

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