Beardstache Style: The Ultimate Guide-Smug Beard

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The beardstache is a great style for mustache lovers. If you want to sport a prominent mustache style but also want to combine it with a beard this may be the style for you. Unfortunately the beardstache has a love it or hate it relationship. Which one are you? In this guide you’re learn what a beardstache is, how to grow one, what face shapes it suits and some different styles for you to consider.

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What is the Meaning of a Beardstache

The beardstache is traditionally defined as a prominent style mustache combined with a stubble beard of around 5mm. This can be a great alternative for summer if you want to have a thin beard still but don’t want to give up your mustache.

This stubble style can also be great if you have a prominent jawline you don’t want to hide with a full beard. I personally think the beardstache definition can be a bit broader. This can include any beard where the mustache is more prominent than the beard itself. Some people can sport a full beard but you still notice their mustache as soon as you look at them.

Different Styles of Beardstache

There are a few different variants of the beardstache that I want to cover here. I think the possibilities are almost endless since you can have such a wide selection of different mustache styles to wear. Below are what I consider the three general style categories for the beardstache.

With Stubble

Beardstache stubble

This is the traditional style of beardstache and what most people think of when they hear about the style. In this style you have a prominent mustache such as a chevron, walrus, or horseshoe paired with a stubble beard. The stubble can vary in length from very light stubble to around 5mm.

With Handlebar

Beardstache with handlebar

In this variant of the style you have a handlebar mustache paired with a stubble beard. This is a great style if your looking to show some extra personality and uniqueness. Once again the stubble can vary in length from very short all the way to bordering on a full beard.

With full Beard

Beardstache Full

This may be a controversial style as people will say it’s not considered a beardstache and is a Verdi. To pull this one off you must have a prominent mustache paired with a full beard. The goal is to have people look at your mustache first. A great mustache to wear for this style is a handlebar. Just think of the mustache as being the main attraction on your face.

How to Grow a Beardstache

The beadstache style is actually quite easy to grow and maintain. There are two approaches to growing in this style.

The first approach is you can grown a full beard first with a nice prominent mustache. Expect this to take 1-2 months depending on your growth. Then what you would do is use quality stubble trimmers and trim your face down to the desired length and leave the musatche.

The second approach is to grow your mustache out first to the desired length and shape. Then when your happy with it grow out your stubble to the desired length.

If you are looking to try the beardstache with full beard style then first grow out your full beard to the desired length. Then make sure and grow the mustache out longer and make it more prominent. Then style your mustache into the desired shape. If your rocking a handlebar use some Mustache Wax to get it looking cool.

Maintenance is pretty easy once you have the beardstache grown and styled how you like. Just use beard trimmers to keep the beard portion of your face at the desired length. Then maintain your mustache keeping it shaped nice and depending on your style use Mustache Wax to style it. Some beard scissors can be very useful to snip away stray hairs on your mustache to keep it looking nice and clean.

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What Face Shape is Best for a Beardstache

Mens Face Shapes

This beard style can suit many different face shapes. I would say the best shapes though are the square face shape and the triangle face shape. A beardstache can help round off those face shapes if that’s the look you’re trying to achieve. That being said I think this style can also work for people with diamond and oval shapes.

People with round or heart shaped faces may want to consider a different style. Since the main objective to the beardstache with stubble look is to emphasize the jawline. If you have one of these face shapes you could consider a full beard with a prominent mustache style. This way it will help disguise your jawline while also having the prominent style mustache that you want.

Celebrities to Wear This Style


There have been a few celebrities know to wear the beardstache style. Actors Jamie Dornan and Henry Cavill as well as models Chris Millington and Jeff Buoncristiano have all been know to sport the style.

If you have the right face shape for it we recommend trying out the beardstache. I think in 2020 this is a fairly popular style and will continue to grow in popularity over the next few years. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the beardstache and what variant you prefer.

Urban dictionary definition of the beardstache.

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Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of this style.

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