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Beard Without Mustache: Our Top 10 Styles- Smug Beard

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When you think of a beard without a mustache you may be thinking more along the lines of an Amish beard. While this is definitely an option there are so many other beard styles without mustache to consider. This style is not a new fad by any means and has been around for hundreds of years.

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Should You Grow a Beard Without Mustache?

This is what you’re probably here to figure out and we are here to help with that. There are a lot of reasons why you may want to grow a beard without a mustache. You may want to stand out from the crowd as this is a unique style without being over the top. Maybe you’re not great at growing a mustache in the first place or you don’t want to bother with trimming and maintaining the mustache part of your beard style. Maybe you just made a mistake and trimmed too much of your mustache and need to shave it off. You can use that opportunity to make a new unique style even if it’s just for a little while.

Maybe you’re just after a certain style of beard without mustache such as Mutton Chops or a Chin Strap Beard. The great part about growing a beard without mustache is you can always add a mustache back in later to change your look. Especially with the above mentioned styles there are variants with and without the mustache. The bottom line is if you think you can pull off a beard without mustache then go for it and try it out.

Our Top 10 Beard Without Mustache Styles

Check out our top 10 variants of this style and decide for yourself if a beard without mustache is something you want to consider growing or shaping in. We recommend trying one of these styles at least once in your life, who knows it may catch on and be your new go to beard style.

1. Mutton Chops

Clean Mutton Chops

There is a reason this sits in the number one spot, they’re just cool. Some mutton chops styles do have a mustache but traditional mutton chops have no mustache included. Think Wolverine and mutton chops come to mind. We know this is not technically a beard but still think it qualifies as a beard without mustache style. Mutton chops require a decent amount of maintenance to keep the look clean looking. If you want a deep dive on mutton chops check out our guide.

2. Long Beard Without Mustache

Long Beard no mustache

So this style is basically a Yeard, Tweard or terminal beard without a mustache. All that’s really required is that you keep shaving the mustache area. Of course you can trim the beard to the length you want to keep or just let it grow wild. This style does not require a lot of maintenance so can be good if your someone who is not inclined to always be trimming and shaping their beard. A good beard oil and beard shampoo is recommended though.

3. The Amish Beard


This style is really similar to the above long beard style with a few key differences. Traditionally the Amish beard has more skin shaved on the part of the face under the lips towards the chin. When you look at it you can see it makes kind of a round frame around the face with the beard hair coming down from that. See picture above to know what I am talking about here. Also the beard can be left to grow wild and be varying degrees of length. This style requires some maintenance to keep the mustache area as well as other areas that need to be clean on the face.

4. The Chin Strap Beard

scruffy Chin Strap

The chin strap beard is a style that can really bring out your jawline. In this style you have a strip of facial hair that runs all the way around the bottom edge of the face or jawline. There are many variations on the chin strap. You can have a thin strap, a thick strap, long haired strap etc. This can be a great style for someone that has issues growing cheek hair as that area is shaved. Maintenance wise the chin strap beard is quite high and requires good beard trimmers to shape and keep clean. Also the bare areas will need to be shaved quite often with a regular razor to keep this look nice and sharp. If you want an in depth look at the chin strap beard check out our chin strap guide.

5. The Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain

The chin curtain style is similar to the above chin strap style except the hair is grown a bit longer. All you need to do with this is make sure the mustache area is clean and then also the cheeks and neck. Then the hair can be grown quite long and can be trimmed to your desired length or can be left to be a bit wild if you prefer.

6. The Abraham Lincoln Beard

Abraham Lincoln

This style is similar to the above with more hair under the lips and on the chin area as well as the cheeks. This style was made popular by none other than 16th American president Abraham Lincoln. So you want the whole beard to be the same length and pay special attention to keeping the mustache area clean as well as the upper cheeks. To maintain the style just keep the mustache area very clean and you can trim the beard once in a while so it doesn’t grow too wild. If you look at some pictures of Lincoln there is a slight wild element to his beard though.

7. Medium Beard Without Mustache

medium beard without mustache

Credit Peter McConnochie. Image Cropped.

This style of beard without mustache is similar to # 2 on our list but just shorter. In this style the beard is kept trimmed to a length between 2-4 inches. This beard without mustache style can work if you are a business man having to wear suits or business casual attire. Just keep the beard trimmed up and clean looking, and of course keep the mustache area and neck clean shaven.

8. Stubble Beard Without Mustache


In this stubble style you just have stubble growth with the mustache area shaved clean or very light stubble. This beard without mustache style can take many forms. For instance you may just have a goatee style or maybe you have a full stubble beard. Whatever you go with you will need good beard trimmers to keep the look at the stubble length. Alternatively this can be a transition type of style meaning you just have it while on your way to a longer beard style option.

9. Anchor Beard Without Mustache

Anchor Without Mustache

This style of beard without mustache is quite popular as you see quite a few people sporting this style. To achieve this style you have a goatee shaped into an anchor with the soul patch connected to the goatee. The length can vary from short to a bit longer at around 2 inches off the chin. Of course with all these style the mustache area has to be clean shaven as well as the cheeks and neck for this style. A high amount of maintenance will be needed to keep this beard without mustache style looking fresh.

10. Soul Patch


This style of beard without mustache is by far the easiest to grow and maintain. I am not sure if we can classify this as a beard but I wanted to include it here because of its popularity. This look consists of a small area beneath the lower lip that is grown out. Its size can vary from very small to quite long, it depends on your personal preference and how your hair grows in that spot. All you need to do to maintain this look is to keep the whole face except the patch clean shaven.

How to Grow a Beard Without Mustache

The process to grow a beard without mustache is quite similar to growing any beard style. First you want to grow your beard for 3-4 weeks to get some good length and thickness on it. Making sure to keep the mustache clean shaven the whole time. Of course this also depends on the style you have chosen to grow. For example if you are just doing a soul patch this process would be different. Make sure to use good beard oil from the start to keep your beard nice and healthy.

How to Shape a Beard Without Mustache

First off you need to follow the advice above and let the beard grow to a sufficient length so you have a lot to work with. Then after that the process is very much the same as any other style. Make sure and use a beard comb to make sure you have no tangles. Then use some good quality beard trimmers and start the shaping by taking away the hair gradually being careful not to trim something you want to keep. Once your beard is trimmed you can take a regular razor and do a good clean up of the mustache area as well as any areas that should be clean according to your chosen style of beard without mustache.

Maintaining a Beard Without Mustache

Maintenance requirements can vary depending on the style you have chosen but a common thing will be to keep the mustache area of your face nice and clean shaven. Some styles like the chin strap can be quite high maintenance while others like the long beard without mustache are quite low.

One common thing with all the styles is you should be using beard oil and beard softener to keep your beard looking and feeling healthy. Another thing you can do is use a beard comb and beard brush, this can get rid of tangles in your beard and keep things looking great. We recommend a boar bristle brush as its the best quality.

No matter what style of beard without mustache you choose we think it can be good way to have a bit of a unique look without going too drastic. It can be a way of showing your unique style and personality to the world. That being said the great thing about this style is if you don’t like your look with no mustache then all you have to do is grow one back in.

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Drop a comment below and let us know if a beard without a mustache is for you.


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